Red To Be Handed Lajangnya With Foreign Men The Case Came To Light When Fo

Presentercummovie player Kartika Princess is rumored to be handed lajangnya with foreign men. The case came to light when fotooto prewedding both spread in cyberspace.
But happiness Tika, so he should be saluted. ran aground in the middle of the road. The reason he married her off to the pedestals of the heart.

Yes soul mate right in the hands of God, if I am the same yesterday it yet mate, want anything anymore, said Tika found in Tendean, South Jakarta, Thursday, July 17, 2014.

Increasingly intrigued with the story of the love of both, the stranded crew of media back to ask. Kartika was to answer a series of questions the media with considerable ease.
Her lifes journey, dont want to heck there so well, he said.

he can only let go with what is already happened. Kartika hope gets a better partner.

Journey right indeed should want to talk like this, what else. Like how anymore. Receive alone, said he

At Abbas A Flurry Of Nia Daniaty In The World Of Entertainment Homeland Gr

After the divorce with the renowned Attorney Farhat Abbas, a flurry of Nia Daniaty in the world of entertainment Homeland grew. Not just singing, he is also now venturing into the world of acting also modelling.

Now found some time ago, Nia even confess to shut down any job offer that came to him. Although no longer young, but the spirit of the Nia was so great to run any job that he received.

As found in Royal Louge, Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday, July 17, 2014, Nia, who was wearing a red robe that even look Middle berlenggakenggok show off clothing. Yes, the Nia was trying to sample a career as a model in a fashion show of Muslims.

this yesterday I in the event of orphans participated in the fashion show, Amy Atmanto finally asked me to become his newest design model at present. Here just to serueruan it, said Nia.

Was an unusual run in a fashion show event, recognized mother of two children, he had suffered a nervous. Moreover, while having to walk in the middle of the crowd. But the sense of nervousness was gone after he saw the abundance of temaneman in favor.

see you temaneman because it so dont grogi again. They know I am not a professional model, so be it, he said.

he added, there are no special training when it became a model of this impromptu. I dont exercise, sebisaisaku only, he said.

Portant To Her Husband Rick Salomon If You Want To Refer Back To Pam So A

Sexy Pamela Anderson gave the artist the terms important to her husband Rick Salomon if you want to refer back to. Pam, so a close companion, the official greeting sues divorced Rick on July 3, yesterday.

reported by Femalefirst, if Rick wants to preclude any more, Pam wants Rick to stop his habit a wild party and berhuraura.

Pam says the reason is suing for divorce because the husband Rick keen of naughty party night, says Pamela, the nearest source of Friday 18 July 2014.

sources said Pam and Rick berubahbah love weaves. Sometimes Pam look unstable when knowing Rick doing a custom nakalnya that.

their relationship sometimes up and down. There is no surprise if they choose peace later due to need each other, said the source.

previously, Pamela devotes his heart on Facebook pages reserved his divorce with Rick. For her, the divorce both is quite heavy in all her love story with Rick.

I knew this was wrong since the beginning. The love story does not think for long, writes Pamela.

For Pamela, while receiving love Rick, he lulled by the husbands wealth, then. Now she realizes that the love that could not be bought with any.

Should I think objectively. So do not ever marry a rich man, sambungnya.

Rumored To Be The Victims Of The Illfated Aircraft Malaysia Airlines Alleg

Two nephews pop diva Vina Panduwinata, Indonesia, rumored to be the victims of the illfated aircraft Malaysia Airlines allegedly MH17 dirudal while crossing the border region in the Ukraine and Russia, Thursday, July 17, 2014.Vinas nephew
is in the list of the 12 passengers were killed came from Indonesia. The hearing, Vina shock. Vina felt most in grief.

there are two nephews Mama Ina in the plane, said Inne, Manager of Vina, when contacted by phone, Friday, July 18, 2014 in the afternoon. They are nephews of Vina, or her youngest sisters son.

the one Victim he was 19 years old, which is one I have not clear at an early age, continued Inne. The plan initially, two nephews of the Vina, obviously Inne, will spend the holiday lebarannya in Indonesia.

So syoknya heard that grief, Vina cannot yet be
his comments. Until now Mama Ina could not give any details. The family is still a shock, said Inne. Later when its quiet, Mama Ina will definitely talk, he said.

plane crash that resulted in the 298 passengers on board were killed, including 15 crew members MH17.